From Vandalism to Love: Thanksgiving Story from Ferguson, Missouri

Natalie Dubose of Ferguson, Missouri is a business owner with a cake shop and a bakery dream.

“My shop, which had it’s grand opening this summer was vandalized in the [November 24] riots. My main windows were smashed and bakery damaged. I’m beside myself, but with the holidays, can’t stop working. I’m very busy cleaning and trying to repair my business. I’m also trying to catch up on baking cakes for Thanksgiving!”

When we heard of this, my wife and I discussed sending a gift to Natalie. Well, that won’t be necessary. Thanks to generous people in this good nation, $227,000 has been contributed for Natalie’s business by over 7,000 people.

We now have another outlet for a Thanksgiving donation. But we thank God for generous people and for Natalie’s determination!

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Lord, we thank you for the goodness of our people

and for the spirit of justice 
that fills this nation.
We thank you for the beauty and fullness of the 
and the challenge of the cities.
We thank you for our work and our rest, 
for one another and for our homes.
We pray and give thanks through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
— From: Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers

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